While I take my time contemplating about the future of this site and trying to cope with someone sending me hatemail and trying to flood my computer with viruses (Thank you Gd for virus checkers), I decided to make some time and answer some questions I’m being asked, silly as I may feel doing so.

Oh and I’d like to thank all the others who don’t know me and still leave me very supportive comments, or at least are not trying to ruin my life. Thank you.

How many shidduchim did you have?
55. And counting. I’m aiming at 77, a nice typological number.

How many times were you actually proposed?
8. I think. No wait, 9.

Are you funny all the time?
No. I am really a depressing person.

Don’t you know that sarcasm is a defense mechanism?
I do. If there’s anything out there to defend me, I’ll take it.

Were you ever really close to getting married?
Well, I thought I was, but the guy thought differently. I was in love with him but he made a joke out of me, so I guess I should be glad.

How old are you?

Are you British?
Goodness NO! I am Israeli. really.

If you’re Israeli, then why don’t you write in Hebrew?
Because I don’t feel in English. Makes writing about my life a lot less complicated.

How do you know English so well?
Its not well at all. Only few months ago I found out that a cauliflower is not a curly-flower.

Did you go to the army?
No, and I didn’t get a seminary deferment either, I was still secular at the time. They let me out for I told them I’d rather go to jail than to spend the next two years making coffee and watering the plants.

Do you daven?
Twice a day, shachris and mincha. I’m being yotze by my husband’s ma’ariv. Ha.

What *does* a fadicha mean?
Its an embarrassing-though-not-humiliating moment. Something you can laugh about later on, when you tell it to your friends and they pack-out laughing of your stupidity. Like, bumping into something in the middle of the road and falling down on your face. Its funny, its embarrassing, its a Fadicha.

What do you work at?
Cant say. But I can assure you its boring.

What music are you listening to?
As we speak ? The Chemical Brothers (BEHOLD! We’re coming back!)
In general? The list is too long.

What colour did you dye your hair?
Black. Its the dramatic season.

What about Yoz?
What about him?

How are you?
Rather jolly.

The truth is I cant really see why would anyone care, I mean, you read the stories, who cares who’s behind them? I dont, but you asked. So I answer.

*still contemplating* (Gd I love that word).

18 Responses to “FAQ

  • shimra
    October 18th, 2002 20:50

    you go girl

  • Shu
    October 19th, 2002 21:17

    I’m waiting 4 U 2 change the line:
    ‘so I guess I should be glad.’
    ‘so I should be glad!’

    still waiting…

  • She
    October 19th, 2002 21:59

    The whole episode isnt making me glad, Shu. Its not fun getting dumped by someone you’re in love with and its not fun turning into his joke. So maybe I really should be glad. But its not making me. Sorry.

  • yam
    October 20th, 2002 03:49

    you are funny

  • aka
    October 20th, 2002 15:38

    you are wonderful

  • big fan
    October 21st, 2002 05:36

    You’re really doing a fantastic job and should keep up this effort. You have tons to offer a wide range of Jews by sharing these stories, not only those within your community but the secular Jews (like me) for whom all this shidduch stuff is generally regarded as a total mystery, and don’t understand that we all have common emotional experiences.

  • punims
    October 21st, 2002 06:27

    Thanks for all that revealing info about you!
    Anyway I really really enjoy your site… if you’re not going to write these dating stories.. atleast just keep writing.

  • shanin
    November 3rd, 2002 06:30

    baruch hashem, a normal jewish girl. nice to meet you, she…

  • sara
    January 9th, 2003 21:18

    k firstly you’r stories are REAL cool! and I think its very cool that u made this website, im 18 and guess what……
    I dont wanna get married.
    this helps my way of thinking
    tishmeri ol kesher 🙂

  • Samuel Finkelman
    March 18th, 2003 20:53

    I saw something there about the phrase “the penny dropped”

    That is a phrase used in England, not the United States. I read it only ion books or in material written in Great Britain. It is used very much theer – not at all here.

    How did you learn that phrase? It’s as English as “a little birdie told me.” Mty mother used to say that one (she libved in London from 1939 to 1947)

  • Samuel Finkelman
    March 18th, 2003 20:55

    I never heard the phrase “the penny dropped” though. I only read that in books.

  • She
    March 18th, 2003 23:02

    I don’t know, I just use it. Maybe I read it somewhere (ah… I’m so cultured). 🙂

  • allan
    May 2nd, 2003 06:29

    I recently found your site, its great. But it seems to be that all of the stories are from girls. did any guys write any stories?

  • Safekeeper
    June 3rd, 2003 06:31

    She, I bet subconsciously you really ARE waiting for the 77th! You probably programmed yourself to hit BINGO at 77th shidduch.

  • On the other hand ...
    July 2nd, 2003 06:34

    On the other hand… 26 is also a nice typological number. Like, think Y-K-V-K. Midas HaRachamim, Tiferes – smack in between Chesed and Gvurah, the golden mean, the variance of a random variable X.

  • colorlesskaleidoscope
    October 14th, 2003 09:24

    First of all, great site… you write really well, especially for an israeli. someone else said this is better than onlysimchas…. i agree, and i’d even go so far as to say its in competition with bangitout. so yasher koach on that one. my one question for you- why did you pick the name, “she,” as your pseudonym?
    my bracha to you- soon we should start seeing weird (not bad, just funny) stories of the married life…

  • newcomer
    October 17th, 2003 20:20

    yah she! i’m new here (hence the name, in case u were wonderin) and i’m already obsessed! i should really be cleaning right now, but what the heck procrastinating’s more fun…oh and really mazel tov on your engagement!!!

  • She
    October 18th, 2003 19:52