I’ve been getting a few emails asking me to write some more.
(Don’t you people ever get lunch breaks?)
I’ll write, its just that real life is distracting me a bit lately.
Soon. Give me some slack.

13 Responses to “Sec

  • Former YU Guy
    December 17th, 2002 20:34

    well, this might amuse you for a few moments, bbspot things tend to do that.

    using my patented evil hacking movable type knowledge.

  • Just a Guy
    December 17th, 2002 23:50

    we miss you 🙂

  • Punims
    December 18th, 2002 04:27

    Yup. Ditto.

  • me
    December 18th, 2002 04:37

    at least there is still your blog to read…

  • She
    December 18th, 2002 04:41

    Hey…I didnt say I’m not coming back!
    I’ll be back in just few days.
    You’ll see… 🙂

  • She
    December 18th, 2002 12:07

    Oh and…Former YU Guy – Loved the link.

  • Yoz
    December 19th, 2002 00:49

    *wakes up*

    *spots embedded link*


    How’d you do that?

    *goes off and looks at raw post*

    *gets pointed at previous conversation in She’s blog*

    Duuude. How’d you find that bug?
    That’s nasty…. and potentially a lot nastier than I will reveal here for obvious reasons.

    But thank you for calling it to my attention.

    *runs off to tell the Trotts*

    — Yoz

  • She
    December 19th, 2002 01:44

    Oops, someone seems to be a bit worried about us linking, but I’m not saying

  • Former YU Guy
    December 19th, 2002 15:13

    I tried poking you!

    /me takes off his security research hat 🙂 (not sure if I should call it a white hat or a black hat, though only here would people really understand that joke)

    and for some reason I thought I was replying to your blog, as in the birthday section. Oh well, I shouldn’t have been writing a post when I had a final the next day that would be do or die for my entire semester’s academic record (fun being a grad student and being able to take only 0-2 classes a semester)

  • yuri
    December 19th, 2002 16:55

    as usual the nonsense gets even more.we are degressing to stupid drivel and it just reveals the level of hogwash that is being written on this web-site.i think some bug spray would be good but we just need to figure out who the bugs are.

  • She
    December 19th, 2002 22:37

    Yuri – feel free to exercise your right to leave this site any time. Toodeloo!

  • punims
    December 25th, 2002 22:03

    No, Yuri is half the site. (that was not a compliment)

  • a yuri fan
    December 26th, 2002 11:59

    yuri is like, my favourite person
    he just knows where to hit so it hurts the most
    he’s perceptive, funny, and really spontaneous
    would YOU like to go on a shidduch with him?
    mail me – i’ll set it up for you!
    and you can choose the time – he’s always free!