Do I know Any Of You?

Just to clarify few things after going through my site’s referrer logs…

I am not an 18 year old girl living in Europe. And although this idea makes me blissfully happy, I’m really not all that. Shame.
And I’m not British either.
But I’m a girl. Honest. At least they got that one right.

And I also have few rather interesting search strings leading to this site…
Right, come on… own up. Who’s been coming here after searching for “Muscular men”, “How do I know I am sane?”, and, just for good measure, “Girls taking a shower”?
What kind of people are lurking out there?
And, more to the point, do I know any of you? 🙂

B.T.W – Shimra sweetie, there even was a “Shimra” one. Really. And I’ve just noticed that I’m using lots of italics lately. Thats such a bad sign.

35 Responses to “Do I know Any Of You?

  • Former YU Guy
    January 12th, 2003 07:36

    no, and we don’t know you either, as much as we might think we do.

    seems an appropriate response, which no one else will get.

  • A. Nonymous
    January 12th, 2003 07:47

    Look, just because I have nothing better to do than check to see if this site’s been updated many times a day doesn’t mean… (oh, wait, it does… pathetic, ain’t it?)

  • shimra
    January 12th, 2003 09:16

    I’ve googled myself before: I found that my name is a very common Japanese lastname, that it is the name of a goddess in some internet fantasy game. I’m serious! Also an entry for “Shimra Torah” A typo for Simchat Torah. nice.

  • She
    January 12th, 2003 10:34

    I thought these search strings were FUNNY. And I dont get how they have anything to do with this site… Just made me lough… I had to share.
    (I also have “Adorable American accent” if it helps anyone)

    Oh look! Its morning and Big In Japan’s on the radio. Dont you just loooooove the radio here? So advanced.

  • anon?
    January 12th, 2003 11:46

    she – youre funny

  • Snark
    January 12th, 2003 13:47

    Yea, u really got me this time. I was the one that was looking for “muscular men taking a shower”. And I LOVE Barbara Striessand! (ok, got carried away by that).

  • me
    January 12th, 2003 14:23

    the wonders of search engines 🙂

  • stm
    January 12th, 2003 14:43

    Former YU Guy : I don’t understand why u have to know someone to enjoy his/her stories ?
    I am writing a blog myself and I can’t understand why some of the readers need details that I don’t want to give.

    Or maybe I just didn’t understand your comment there.

  • She
    January 12th, 2003 15:05

    Yeah, Snark, I was certain it was you. I bet the “Women in nurses uniform” had something to do with you also.
    Ohh…I just love Google. (and Google loves me, so it seems)

  • me
    January 12th, 2003 15:36

    no no…the nurses in uniform one? well, that was actually me… sorry:)

  • Former YU Guy
    January 12th, 2003 17:01

    stm, you didn’t understand the comment.

    /me goes off to find his invisible coffee

  • dani
    January 12th, 2003 23:32

    come on, she we know you better then we know yourself! ok, i’ll happily admit that i have no idea who you are, but isn’t that part of the fun? anonymously meeting a part of someone, getting to know them in a way you might not if you knew who they really were… but i like the part of you i know, and i’m glad i found this site. i’m off to ggole now to try out some fun searches. googlewahck, anyone?

  • ze ozer Snark
    January 13th, 2003 02:13

    Com’n guys, chill out, I think she (She) meant that she is, like, denying any connection to us, weirdo things, that found the site by mistake, trying to get to some “hotter” stuff (like “shimra”?). it’s not a discussion about privacy and the anonymity of any of us nor of violating the privacy and anonymity of any of us. Am I right or am I right?

  • Former YU Guy
    January 13th, 2003 03:42

    /me apologizes for making the thread go this way, I was just trying to make a joke, based on conversations b/w She and myself. I wasn’t being serious, no one else should be either.

  • dani
    January 13th, 2003 08:29

    thanks, YU guy. smackdown on the YU girl, why dontcha? you crazy Ivies…

  • She
    January 13th, 2003 10:47

    Right Snark. Thank you for making seeeeeense.

  • AsIf
    January 13th, 2003 13:20

    Okay so I found this website in a really round about way and boy, Im glad I did! Truthfully, I have no idea who you are and don’t care because I’ve gotten what I needed out of the website – a good laugh and the knowledge that there are people are worse off than me! (just kidding – kind of).

    My worst shidduch story happened when the guy hereforth referred to as yourenotsuitedtomarryanybodybecauseyouresuchafreak boy and I were driving on our first date so we arrived at out destination and he refused to pay for parking because it was slightly expensive and before I knew it we turned right back around and headed back home. He then pestered me nonstop for a couple of weeks and after a while at one point I got a message saying (and this is after I made it clear that I was NOT interested): Well, Im dating someone else now, but if it doesnt work out, well see, I might call you!! Jerk!!!

    SO the truth is that Im not so into shidduch dating – I hate having a go between because then its like chinese whispers of whatever u call that game. I always thought that I would meet my bashert in university, but thats almost finished and with no possibilities in sight. I don’t think that expecting to meet a nice, smart, well educated, non-nebbish, knows how to shower on a regular basis, doesnt ogle women, kind of guy was asking for too much, is it? Guys seem to have such egos about what they deserve. I have to admit that I signed up to one of the dating sites and the only replies I got were from 40 year old divorced men withpot bellies and no job prospects….What is with that?

    That’s not to say I don’t think that there arent good men out there, I just think theyre married to my friends. Now Im really kidding, I don’t have any designs on your hubbie’s…. Honestly, Im just fed up this week about all the little annoying comments people have been making to me, I dont know what I did to deserve it, I thought maybe someone stuck a sign to my back and I didn’t know about it?

    P.S. I love google, in fact I loved it before it was hip to love it, does that make me a women ahead of my time? I feel like a visionary….

    NOT AT ALL Related but did you notice that ppl seem to be more angry and upset over the death of Maurice Gibbs the Bee-gees singer, than that of the suicide bomber last week?

    Also SHE your english is great, I have heard enough Israeli’s in my time trying to talk english to me, sometimes to be friendly, sometimes because they are trying to be thier definition of cool, and the edges of my teeth begin to hurt like nails on a chalkboard… then again even though I have excellent hebrew I think it must sound the same when I attempt to speak. YASHER COACH…

    BTW (and this is absolutely the last line – Im sorry I rambled but I am a major insomniac and since I saw this site, and since I thought I would leave a note, it somehow expanded into a 3 page monologue, the very fact that you made it all the way to the end impresses me ! big time as all those americans say)!

  • AsIf
    January 13th, 2003 13:26

    BTW I didnt mean to post that twice, my computer was being so slow I thought it didnt post there first time, it”s not because I like seeing my thoughts in print…

  • She
    January 13th, 2003 16:12

    Dont worry 🙂 Took care of the double post thingy.
    Glad you could make it over here…

  • elana
    January 13th, 2003 18:08

    Hey, She!

    I must say I found this hysterical. (My googlism only rates second. Even though I am $435 per night..)

    And..on another, after reading AsIf’s posting..I was thinking to myself: Hmm. It’s just great that you created this website. A public forum to address all of our i’m-still-single-and-dating-crazy-freaks-gripes.

    I mean seriously…y’know when you’re waiting for a bus or you’re on line at the bank..and you start getting really edgy with the service and it just takes waaay too long..??? And then you start talking to random strangers waiting on the same line…and things get comical when you all start venting your frustrations about the system.

    And just start feeling a little more at ease.

    Yeah. Seems like everyone *on line* loves this site. I love this site. And I just had to say it again.

    The end.

  • She
    January 13th, 2003 18:38

    Wow… Thanks! All for the sake of

  • dani
    January 13th, 2003 19:22

    don’t any of you play the googlewhack game? you take two words (that actually have to be in the dictionary), and you search. if you get only one result, you’ve got a googlewhack. so far, we have no better prize than the warm fuzzy feeling you get from haivng accomplished what so few can. or even care about.

  • She
    January 13th, 2003 19:28


  • Y
    January 13th, 2003 21:06

    I will say that I dont know who you are, She.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure I know who I am, either. But there ya go.

  • mm
    January 13th, 2003 23:28

    hey, I also loved google b4 it was “in”. I love it more every time it gives me a great hit like when I first found this place. keep it up She!!!

  • shimra
    January 14th, 2003 02:44

    every time i meet someone i google them. i’ve also googled my boss, my coworkers and a good number of the companies we work for. it’s as addictive as onlysimchas, and much more productive.

  • The Who
    January 14th, 2003 03:05

    “girls taking a shower”????? no way!

  • AsIf
    January 14th, 2003 09:27

    I once googled myself and found a guestbook entry I had made on someone’s website. When he asked what my favorite author/book was and I wrote Hashem/Torah 🙂 – Those were the days my friend….! On the downside I just googled myself again and I found someone with the same name as me who died at age 87 in Plantation, FLA. If your name is conntected to your destiny (and my name is quite rare) does that mean I will live to a ripe old age?

  • mm
    January 14th, 2003 14:39

    I googled my new boss and found that he got the job almost right after 366 days in Jail. I LOVE GOOGLE!!!!!

  • dani
    January 14th, 2003 15:53

    when i google myself, i get some photographer lady and a whole bunch of funky fic characters… did you know that there’s a character in X-Men *and* in Star Wars named Dani? try looking for yourself in Google Images…

  • Jelly Beans
    January 14th, 2003 18:15

    I have never been able to find myself or any of the guys I’ve dated on Google… :(… I must be THAT unique…

  • a tad ashamed
    January 14th, 2003 19:28

    you will all probably throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at me…ill take my chances
    but *what* exactly does it mean to google someone, and how do you do it?
    i am fascinated…

  • AsIf
    January 15th, 2003 00:23

    Google is a web search engine. Its like yahoo or askjeeves. Only, like the difference btwn a toyota and a BMW, they may be both cars, but there are no more comparisons that can be made. Okay well, its not that great but its the search engine du jour. Therefore the verb “to google”” means to enter a topic into the search engine be it your name or that of your boss (so the example goes. Im still wondering what he was busted for??! Was he just researching a la Pete Townshend) and to see what kind of results you get back…

  • Just a Guy, Ya Know
    January 16th, 2003 04:02

    I was just wondering what referrer logs are. Are they something supplied by your web site host? Do you have to have a web site to see it? Also, how do you check the search strings leading to your site? Is that a function of google?
    Sorry to post totally off subject but I am very curious.

  • Nameless Sheep Herder
    January 16th, 2003 06:50

    1) the host provides them, how it does it depends on the host. I normally check the text file produced by the webserver directly, but many programs that can process them

    2) when you connect to a web page via a link it includes a referrer.

    the referrer is the page you came from. So when you do a search on google, the referrer contains the words that were searched for.