Damn That Outlook Express

Few of you sent me emails which got mercilessly deleted by my Outlook Express inbox. Maybe it ate it, I don’t know. The only thing I do know is that when my computer recovered from its good hard reboot, the only item I had smiling at me viciously from the screen was a bloody “Welcome to Outlook Express”.

I really wanted to reply to all those who sent me emails.


Either you send it again and enjoy the blissful happiness of receiving a personal reply from me, OR, I could just try to give some general answers over here.

So here goes.

I am viewing this site (and anything else on the web, actually) from my own PC using IE6 on a 1024 by 768 pixels resolution and I really don’t have slightest idea what it looks like on another one, but anyway,
well, it was not my intention. But it seems to me as if you have one mad browser. Better solve it.

Another thing, for those commenting on my English skills, I believe that the term “The penny dropped” is in fact a term in English, and not my own freaky free translation from Hebrew.
I think.

And last, for all of you good souls demanding to read more Peter Pan-like stories, I’m sorry, I don’t have them stocked.

I don’t make up the stories, I simply write them down, and though it touches me deeply to know that you want to read about my heart getting smashed again and danced upon so you could all smile at the screen in gloat and satisfaction, I can’t help you.

But, if it makes you happier to know, I’m still aching from the Peter Pan story.
Hope it just made your week.

A Gut Voch.

11 Responses to “Damn That Outlook Express

  • Snark
    February 23rd, 2003 00:46

    You still have your wonderful taste in music. The outlook can’t take that away from you.

    I wonder how many marriage proposals you lost there…
    Poor baby.

  • ys
    February 23rd, 2003 01:13

    I just came out of a weekend of many smachot. One friend got engaged thursday night, another had their party tonight, and I just got a call about yet another friend who just asked and recived a “yes”. Doesen’t get much better than that. I got back home and pulled up this site. One new story – Yay! But like everone else I’m still waiting for the posting that says “I’m closing the site – don’t need it anymore.”
    Shavua Tov and many Mazal Tovs to all of us /YS

  • shimra
    February 23rd, 2003 08:37

    Did my email that I wrote to you a week ago get erased? By the way I’m not interested in seeing you get your heart smashed. I’m interested in seeing you get even.

  • She
    February 23rd, 2003 08:51

    Yup, your email got erased also… But at least I have your email address, most of the deleted messages were from people I never got an email from, and I can’t reply now.

    I wonder what it did with all the messages.

  • Shoshana
    February 24th, 2003 18:37

    We don’t want to hear about your heart getting smashed, but knowing that you went through something like that makes you seem more real, and also makes me feel more normal for going through the same emotions when my heart was broken. I hope you never have to go through that again.

  • She
    February 25th, 2003 00:20

    And I don’t plan to either.
    Thank you. Really. It was very sweet of you to say so.

  • He
    February 25th, 2003 21:54

    Well I love this website… I agree Outlook Express sucks. I’m a guy and agree with almost everything you have writen. Though keep in mind everyone that girls break guys hearts on a constant basis. Then again, girls get more attached quicker and easier.
    She, we love you!

  • He
    February 25th, 2003 21:57

    PS I can’t believe my computer just sent that message without the last half. It’s not just Outlook Express I guess.
    She, as everyone else has been saying, I can’t wait till your time comes b’shaah tova and you get engaged. Unlike someone else said, I’m sure this website won’t close down. Maybe we will get to hear some of the hubby’s stories and maybe some other people will start talking up.
    The only problem I see is I love your writing style and don’t think too many people can match up to it.


  • She
    February 26th, 2003 13:08

    So much love….

    Well, I haven’t really thought about what’ll happen once I actually get myself married, but I hope the site stays for other people to use.
    (In fact, they can use it now also, but no one wants to, which makes me think I’m probably the only one thinking that it’s good, in many aspects, to let these things out. Oh, and Yoz).

    And my writing style evolved with time, my first few stories took me ages to write, with the English and everything, but it’s true that it gets easier with time. Anyone can do it.

  • me
    March 2nd, 2003 00:11

    you go girl 🙂

  • .
    March 4th, 2003 23:58

    hey that’s y i stick 2 Eudora.