Just a Few Random Notes

Random little me.

Case you were wondering, at the moment I have 63 unread messages in my inbox. Amazing, isn’t it. So, if you sent me a story and haven’t heard from me since – my reply’s on its way. It’s just that I’ve been incredibly busy lately but I promise to find the time to read it all and speak to you soon.
I promise.

One other thing, I was seriously considering to make this site comment-free, due to the fact that there are too many comments which I feel, in my humble – but obviously always correct – opinion, are terribly inappropriate.
Keep it clean.

Plus, some have inquired as to whether this site will cease to be updated once I am married.
This I say to you: I don’t know.
Maybe not. Who knows.
Odds are, I will talk less about shidduchim and more about how charming I am. So that’ll be good.

38 Responses to “Just a Few Random Notes

  • micro
    June 29th, 2003 00:06

    or about how charming your husband is!

  • a man
    June 29th, 2003 05:04

    Are you engaged?

  • Humbert
    June 29th, 2003 06:03

    Gonna be totaly clean from now on, I know I can do it, too; I did it thousands of times.

  • Humbert
    June 29th, 2003 06:09

    No I’m not engaged, A Man; L-rd bless your soul, child.

  • shimra
    June 29th, 2003 06:37

    Believe you me! Once you get married you have even more problems! You’ll find what to write about.

  • She
    June 29th, 2003 08:41

    Me? Engaged?

    Ha. Haha.

  • dani
    June 29th, 2003 16:40

    so, i’ve been hiding out, but came back and read these last two posts. and the first few comments on singlefrumguy’s story, til the thread got far beyond anything i want to read.

    first of all, HI SHE! i missed you (my fault, i’ve been caught up with stuff).

    second, it’d be a shame to lose the comments. this site has become a little internet community of sorts, and i’d really miss hearing from and responding to all the wonderful regulars here.

    my deep thoughts of the morning…

  • She
    June 29th, 2003 16:58

    Ach, and you’re back.

    I’d hate to lose the comments also, really. I kind of like things the way they are, but I also didn’t create this site so people could come by, throw in all that comes to mind without a second thought and walk away. Some things don’t belong here.

  • Real Geek
    June 29th, 2003 18:37

    That’s a tough call. Do you totally stop comments, or do you censor them. If you do censor them, what criteria do you use? Do you give people warnings, or do you have a zero tolerance policy?

    Google started doing it, and got flak from critics all over the world. In China, if you google anti-government websites, you get redirected to the offical chinese government website.

    You can read an article about it here:

    The interesting thing is, is that people in China are using http://www.alltooflat.com/geeky/elgoog/
    to get around the censorship. It is a mirror of Google.

    Good luck She, in whatever you decide to do.

  • Humbert
    June 29th, 2003 19:07

    Yes, whatever you decide in the end, you can always count on yourself. Hope that helps.

  • d boy
    June 30th, 2003 16:29


    Why don’t you moderate the posts?

    Like if you see someone posts inappropriate stuff delete or cut out the offending bits.

  • the Snark
    June 30th, 2003 19:59

    Hey Dani!!!!
    Hey She!!!!
    Hey me!!!
    Hey Mr. Smith!!!!!
    It’s a shame I missed the other debate. Anyway, I guess if I was in, She would have censored long time ago 🙂

  • Humbert
    June 30th, 2003 21:14

    Welcome back Snark. Hope you had a good time whatever you were doing wherever you have been. I missed you so.

  • s
    June 30th, 2003 23:43

    She, though half a world away have been enjoying site. Do empathize with your sit as well as the stories submitted by others, as another singleton might.

    The comments, though amusing and entertaining are not the draw, though. It is the stories (especially lavender because I have sooo been there) that I return for. Just a thought…


  • She
    July 1st, 2003 14:52

    As I’ve said, I’d hate to lose the comments.
    Keeping them gives me the feeling that I’m actually interacting other than just writing to myself.
    I love feedbacks, I love communication, I love arguments and I love ice cream.
    And I hope I could have it all.

  • Sari
    July 1st, 2003 15:39

    What, there are no Double Stuff Oreos in the Holy Land?

  • UK
    July 1st, 2003 17:45

    “due to the fact that there are too many comments which I feel, in my humble – but obviously always correct – opinion, are terribly inappropriate.”

    Sure you’re not a brit? You sure sound like one.

  • Humbert
    July 1st, 2003 17:56

    Surely, for sure.

  • She
    July 1st, 2003 18:18

    I was quite certain I’m not a Brit till few minutes ago, but now I’m not so sure anymore.

  • Humbert
    July 1st, 2003 18:41

    How are you feeling, Madam?

  • Humbert
    July 1st, 2003 19:37

    Ooh, look what CNN says about shidduch, but we kikes knew it all along. Ha!
    “our results suggest that individuals seeking stable long-term relationships should not seek the highest quality partner available, but should simply look for partners who are similar to themselves”

  • Humbert
    July 1st, 2003 19:44

    Actually I didn’t know that. Gonna chuck my girlfriend. Too high quality for me. Too up there on the spirituo-socio-economic-success ladder. LOL. Sorry Moishe. It’s over between us.

  • Moishe
    July 1st, 2003 19:58

    But you can’t!
    I’m devastated.

  • She
    July 1st, 2003 20:02

    A partner who’s similar to me?

  • Humbert
    July 1st, 2003 20:07

    No, She. A partner who is similar to Moishe.

  • She
    July 1st, 2003 20:12

    I’m feeling a tad better, thanks for asking.

  • Humbert
    July 1st, 2003 20:25

    It’s very important to be healthy, that’s why I eat garlick. Do you smell it?

  • Humbert
    July 2nd, 2003 19:15

    It’s very healthy to be important, or else garlic might eat you.
    I think I smell it yet.

  • Singlefrumguy
    July 3rd, 2003 17:12

    I remember I called somebody a turd once and you deleted it out.
    She- any plans to visit NY soon? You deserve a cup of coffee.

  • Humbert
    July 3rd, 2003 21:10

    Wow, nice word, where did you hear it, SingleFrumGuy?

  • Singlefrumguy
    July 3rd, 2003 21:21

    Well, I remember it from when I was a kid. We used to say it to refer to a bowel movement. A few months ago a British friend of mine used it to refer to someone who we considered to be a subtle kind of obnoxious. When I read a story on this site from another British guy I though it fit.

  • Humbert
    July 3rd, 2003 21:26

    In this library where I’m currently at there is this cool book it’s called the dictionary of erotic literature, you could find a heap of good words there. The other day I was reading it infront of the computer, trying to find something cool to post here. And this frum, apparently married, lady was sitting opposite me. When she saw that thing in my hand, she turned white. It was a very beautiful white color.

  • Humbert
    July 3rd, 2003 21:30

    BTW, that obnoxious Mark Twain piece I posted the other day, I first discovered it for myself in that “dictionary”.

  • Humbert
    July 3rd, 2003 21:34

    Sorry for not using “that” and “this” enough in that thing, above this one.

  • Singlefrumguy
    July 3rd, 2003 21:37

    “where I’m currently at” Is that a preposition? It reminds me of a funny joke, too racy for this site.

  • Humbert
    July 3rd, 2003 21:45

    Boy you have problems with English. You should take ESL lessons. I understand myself perfectly.

  • x
    July 21st, 2003 22:21

    I just tripped onto this site and am so excited. There aren’t enough perverts in my real life, now I got a Humbert (when did you learn to type while looking through my shower window?) and SingleFrumGuy (can’t wait to get his Hanes on you) right here on this cool site about shidduch disasters.

    Too bad, She. You deserve better.

  • Humbert
    July 22nd, 2003 15:44

    Excuse me, why are you taking a shower in my monitor?